Poem Corporate Poetry : Masters of your own Ceremony

Masters Of Your Own Ceremony

If a man without dreams is like a bird without wings.
Imagine poetic scenes in the heart of human beings
Let’s create a work of art and sign it as a masterpiece.
Our amazing potential stands now before we rest in peace.

The purpose of life for us is the pursuit of happiness,
Never settle for less might be the key to your success.
Done is better than perfect, this is valuable for all projects.
And it might be the secret to never have any regrets.

So feel free to dare to be the best version of yourself,
Try and fail and try again until your book is on your shelf.
We’re all life entrepreneurs and the next innovators.
We can be inspirational leaders and not only managers.

Victor Hugo said a revolution is in our human nature.
And “there is nothing like a dream to create our own future”
Let’s spark our creativity to change our perspective of reality,
And sum up our abilities to develop our activity.

If we free our energy and foresee the power of our geny
We’ll enrich our strategy through the magic of poetry.
Welcoming us to a rainbow of  infinite opportunites
Can you hear the melodies of new hidden possibilities?

If we connect ourselves to our body, soul and imagination,
We can design a new vision with a full grasp of inspiration.
Take a chance in this workshop, trust your luck and build a plot,
We’ll have to connect our dots to discover our G-ENIUS SPOT !

Innovation is more than replicating an outdated past,
It is defined by creating a brand new and painted path.
Corporate poetry and creative strategy,
Public speaking is a skill and everybody is unique.

So share your collective dreams in the flow of your music.
Team-building and leadership, partnership to infinity.

“Bon voyage” in your destiny
And have a wonderful journey

Author : Vincent Avanzi

VINCENT AVANZI: Chief Poetic Officer and Inspirational Speaker @ The Ink Of The Future. Former Microsoft sales manager, globe-trotter and a life passion for poetry, he now gives conferences to companies on “corporate poetry” and also performs poetic speeches/recaps to open/close conventions. on an open positive inspiring note.  Author of 3 TEDx and 4 books, including Harmony & The Genius Spot of Mankind, he furthermore facilitates keynotes and round-tables as a Poetic Master of Ceremony. Finally, co-founder of the first Corporate Happiness University in France and practioner of Positive Psychology, he writes articles for the business newspaper Les Echos. He has done more than 150 stage poetic key notes in the last two years.

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