Enlighten Corporate Life : Why use Corporate Poetry ?

Enlighten Corporate Life :
Why use Corporate Poetry?

1) The 10 Commitments of Corporate Poetry

1. Innovate in the narrative and the vision of the future with corporate poetry
2. Inspire teams to write their own names on the roadmap in a common horizon
3. Imagine possible futures for the company in the short and long run
4. Write a new page and cultivate the corporate culture
5. Involve and place the human capital at the soul of the company
6. Impact and touch the emotional memory of employees
7. Instill new slogans for the development axes of the company
8. Invite employees to enter their own zone of talents to achieve their goals
9. Unleash unlimited possibilities between creativity, free speech and leadership of tomorrow
10. Introduce teams to the virtues of thinking differently to write their collective adventure


2) A common horizon for the future

1. A boost of optimism and creativity to shape the future

The future begins here so write it now.

In a business world that seeks to reinvent itself and find new areas of development both in terms of markets and organization, more and more companies are calling for notions of happiness at work, liberation of talents, virtues of art as a human lever of creativity and inspiration. In France and the US, more and more CEOs are using corporate poetry and Chief Poetic Officers as a new secret weapon (BBC Capital article), both to inspire themselves and to foster creativity .

Inspire human capital and reinvent yourself through the virtues of art

Unlock your imaginary mind to unleash your visionary side. Poetry is a boost of optimism towards the future, a tool for projection and exploration of the future to write it from today, as a present. Accessible to all, poetry allows the free expression of the dreams of each with an infinite horizon in the field of possibilities. It is the linguistic silhouette that reveals the beauty of other worlds and it is a humanistic symphony of the melodies of the lives of the employees. The link between poetry and strategy is the same as between business and wisdom: the propensity of the human being to become one in his zone of talents and thus to bring forth the best version of him or herself at the heart of the collective adventure in which he or she is engaged.

Corporate poetry is a mix of dreams and actions

Poetry is inspiration and like all art, creative and creating. It contemplates and raises towards the ideal, the horizon, towards utopias, towards the stars, without mental barrier. In poetry everything becomes possible. Napoleon Hill said: « A dream is a goal with a deadline. » It makes it possible to change the paradigm and thus to think outside the box. And as « all that can be imagined is real, » said Picasso, then we are ready to pass from dream to action and from being to doing with the new road traced in the minds.

Spark your creativity to boost your activity

Finally, in ancient Greek, poetry means « create, do », so poets are actors of change and creators of new worlds. And corporate poets, in the broad sense of the term, are both dreamers and doers, moving from imagination to innovation, from inspiration to plan of action. « The poet remembers the future, » said Jean Cocteau, so let us write our future together, between utopianism and pragmatism. It is this balance, realistic idealism, this middle way that the Buddhists and Google would even call « business nirvana » and that allows the realization of oneself and of his or her mission.

Diploma Corporate Poet

2. The co-creation of a powerful energy base

Poetry is also a tool of connection to oneself, an expression of our dreams and our wishes for the future, where every human being can end up with the same horizon. Resolutely turned towards tomorrow, corporate poetry breathes happiness and inspires greatness, expresses a cry of the heart and incites the best. It allows us to embody our uniqueness, our legitimacy to contribute to the success of the collective future of the company. « Magic happens when you leave your comfort zone », but especially when you become aware of it and when you enter your talent zone. It takes us to greater heights on the wings of its verses.

It carries intrinsically positive energy, smiling optimism, a combative, even heroic state of mind, a marvel of the return to the child in itself in its quest, an upheaval towards ideals. This energy circulates within the group in the collective intelligence to give life to the momentum of change, the confidence, the benevolence and the desire to move forward together. A speech can sometimes be a fine speech, a poetic discourse is often a heroic discourse that makes one want to transcend itself for the cause that one defends or the objective that one seeks to attain. Example of William Wallace in Braveheart .

3. Poetic Speech in an annual convention

The vows are an opportunity to set the course for the horizon, to set out a strategy to achieve its objectives and to instill a momentum and a need for performance to achieve it. The future begins here so let’s write it now, together. Sublimate reality to open the mind on other ideal perspectives still unknown and unexplored, such as the world of ideas or new markets to penetrate. Inspire by a supplement of soul and the power of the words of the action like a collective march forward.

The goal behind having leaders express their wishes and strategies in a poetic, verse-and-for-all manner is to create a real sense of belonging to a potentially « legendary » collective adventure and a group resolutely committed On the human, on the artists of genius in them, on the possibility of bringing out talents, on the meaning of a mission that goes beyond numbers but touches in the very heart of letters.

The roadmap becomes a poetic parchment

Each inspirational quote that is used on a daily basis contains poetry, in the improbable juxtaposition of key words that immediately resonate and touch our emotional memory: « Man is imagination, » said William Blake, four words but so many images and impact on the person who reads it, hears it, feels it and remembers it. The “Poetic” is not only to write verses but also to live your dreams and see the world through the eyes of beauty, life, hope, poetry and action.

Become a inspiring leader and a unique speaker, with a poetic speech !

VINCENT AVANZI: Chief Poetic Officer and Inspirational Speaker @ The Ink Of The Future. Former Microsoft sales manager, globe-trotter and a life passion for poetry, he now gives conferences to companies on “corporate poetry” and also performs poetic speeches/recaps to open/close conventions. on an open positive inspiring note.  Author of 3 TEDx and 4 books, including Harmony & The Genius Spot of Mankind, he furthermore facilitates keynotes and round-tables as a Poetic Master of Ceremony. Finally, co-founder of the first Corporate Happiness University in France and practioner of Positive Psychology, he writes articles for the business newspaper Les Echos. He has done more than 150 stage poetic key notes in the last two years.

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