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 Ask for a Poetic Chief Officer !

Voltaire once said « poetry is the music of the soul », it’s a contemplation of the ideal and a very powerful human tool to project yourself into possibles futures. Find out here how organizations use corporate poetic conferences to unleash the human potential of their CEOs and collaborators, as well as the role of a Chief Poetic Officer to act as a Master of Poetic Ceremony in your conventions and events for opening and closing acts !

Develop your Human Potential with Corporate Poetry

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Corporate Poetry & Creative Strategy
HR = Happiness Revenue

Concept Presentation
“A goal is a dream with a deadline” said Napoleon Hill. Use the power of imagination to dream of new innovations. This 2 hour poetic creative workshop is destined for corporate managers looking at the future.
The first part of the conference is dedicated to new creative ways of thinking and the role of art in leadership and business. Then, each participant is engaged to write a poetic masterpiece on a perspective chosen and aligned with the company strategy (ie new product launch, sales pitch, corporate values, strategic vision, horizon 2020, etc.). In the end, each participant performs his/her personal work of art in front of the team to inspire new possibilities, consolidate the team connection, find new slogans, enter in their own zone of talent and focus on the common horizon of the company mission.

Workshop Structure

  1. Unlock your potential and build an unlimited future
  2. Creativity skills and the role of art in business
  3. Enter in a interactive poetic journey to design new horizons
  4. The 4Is of Ideation : Introspection, Inspiration, Interaction, Innov’Action


« Get out of your comfort zone and enter your talent zone »

Inspirational Speaker
Vincent Avanzi: Chief Poetic Officer and Inspirational Speaker @ La Plume Du Futur. Former Microsoft sales manager, globe-trotter and a life passion for poetry, he now gives conferences to companies on “corporate poetry” and also performs poetic recaps to close conventions. on an open positive note.   Author of 4 books, Sur la Route de Soi, La Poésie de la Vie, Edendorado and Le Bien-Etre Plan des Entrepreneurs, he furthermore facilitates keynotes and round-tables as a Poetic Master of Ceremony. Finally, co-founder of the first Corporate Happiness University in France and practioner of Positive Psychology, he writes articles for the business newspaper Les Echos.

Corporate References :
Orange, Air France, European Patent Organization, Chanel, Société Générale, Crédit Agricole, Capgemini, Salon des Entrepreneurs, CCI Paris, MBA HEC, OuiShare Festival, La Nuit de l’Optismisme, etc.

Links to learn more :
« Prospective Thinking » : Learn more on this link
Corporate Poetry & Future Strategy Poem

Poetic Speeches and Recaps
iopening and closing acts

You want to give a poetic inspirational touch to your event to boost the crowd and engage them into possible common futures ? Discover the concept of « poetic speeches » !

Corporate poetic facilitation, as graphic facilitation, is aimed at transcribing all the key messages of a convention into poetic verses in order to end it on an open artistic, intellectual and inspiring note. The poet will synthetize the essence of what has been said, exchanged, debated and felt during the day in order for people to identify and to be touched.


The intention is to synthetize the present, inspire the future, share common values, find new company mottos, and make sure the One Team spirit is focused on the company vision and objective. The poet will go on stage to perform the poem. The written recap is then given to the organization for use as a seminar deliverable and as a patchwork of potential quotes and slogans.

Possible events : society, political or corporate events.

Imagination as a means of Innovation 
One Team Action in a Company Annual Launch Session

References :

Open Government Partnership, Stand Up For Passion, Orange, Chanel, European Patent Office, Orange, France Télévisions, OuiShare Festival, Political French Parties @ CESE, COP21 Place To Be, etc

“A man without dreams is like a bird without wings”

10-20-30 minutes for International Corporate Events 

I. Finding your Genius Spot (Ikigai) : Connect your dots to find your path in life

II. Becoming an Inspiring Leader : Authentic and aligned with your values and audience

III. Poetic Speech : Harmony in the Future : Horizons of a positive change for tomorrow

IV. Poetic Inspiring Speech : Customized for a theme or event

 About.Me : Vincent Avanzi

CHIEF POETIC OFFICER : Other Poetic Formats

  1. Brand Poetic Identity : Make an audit of your historical DNA assets and create a new format of communication through poetry
  2. DECLIC Seminar : 5 skills to develop in a 1 day training session (Determination Excellence Creativity Leadership Innovation Confidence)
  3. Create your Innovative Vision : Poetic brainstorming to elaborate new strategies and new marketing slogans for product launch and innovation
  4. Poem Corporate Poetry & Creative Strategy  
  5. Cominsights : Speaker presentation for international conference booking


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