PROSPECTIVE THINKING : Create Your Innovative Vision with Corporate Poetry

What is a Chief Poetic Officer?

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Prospective Thinking :
Poetry to Strategy, Imagination to Vision

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Presentation: The Vision(s)

Robert Delaunay said, “Vision(s) is the true creative rhythm”. We believe it is the horizon that sets the tone and puts the entire organization in motion.
How can we intentionally think beyond your current contextual confines? How can poetry enrich your strategy or vision and how can the art of presenting reveal the best for an individual’s potential, allowing for increased motivation and thus boosting your market impact through outstanding communication ?
This visionary innovative workshop creates a unique path between self-connection and collective intelligence; between dreams, imagination and implementation; between expression, internal communication and public transformation; between new creative visions and redefined actions.

Workshop Targets: Key Take-Aways

  1. Strategic Vision: Use poetry to uncover and clear your sights; build communication supports;
  2. Campaign: Creatively design an innovative marketing or advertising campaign;
  3. Product or Service Launch: Build and effective communication strategy around it;
  4. Employee Reboot: Inspire and motivate employees to become ambassadors;
  5. Organizational Transition: Move resistance to enthusiastic adapting of change or innovation;
  6. New MarketDiscover: Use truly creative ways to address a new market to boost success;
  7. Corporate Vision: Define values that are aligned and build employee coherence;
  8. Optimization: Enhance synergies, during acquisitions or a deep organisational change

Prospective Thinking Process : ABCDE

  • Artistic poetic workshop based on the connection of the dreams for the future of employees and to express them in creatively innovative ways of infinite possibilities
  • Brainstorming on the different ideas and concepts that have come up during the first workshop in order to deep dive through them one by one
  • Convergence of all relevant and useful ideas with a specific hierarchy, mind mapping, and bottom-to-top strategic structure
  • Definition of the new full vision or strategy based on the ABC including management acceptance and the contribution of all participants
  • Execution plan to present and communicate the new vision throughout the organization with a precise time frame action plan and key success factors.


Time: Half/Full Day ; English or French (upon request)


Profil Vincent Avanzi

VINCENT AVANZI: Chief Poetic Officer and Inspirational Speaker @ The Ink Of The Future. Former Microsoft sales manager, globe-trotter and a life passion for poetry, he now gives conferences to companies on “corporate poetry” and also performs poetic speeches/recaps to open/close conventions. on an open positive inspiring note.  Author of 3 TEDx and 4 books, including Harmony & The Genius Spot of Mankind, he furthermore facilitates keynotes and round-tables as a Poetic Master of Ceremony. Finally, co-founder of the first Corporate Happiness University in France and practioner of Positive Psychology, he writes articles for the business newspaper Les Echos. He has done more than 150 stage poetic key notes in the last two years.


Chanel, Société Générale, Sanofi Aventis, Stand Up For Passion
Air France, HEC Executive MBA, Salon des Entrepreneurs

For more details, pricing and reservation, please contact: vincent @


Discover Corporate Poetry :
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