CONNECT YOUR DOTS : 12 steps to Create Your Path and Change the World

If the key to changing the world was changing yourself, what would you do?
This is an invitation to explore the world and contemplate the array of infinite possibilities to find your path. Get ready to enter in your zone of talents and « connect your dots » in order to realize yourself and contribute to the world.

Change yourself, Change the world
12 Steps to reconnect to your heroic self :

1. Discover other cultures (South America)
2. Enable children to dream (Mines of Bolivia)
3. Observe the process of evolution (The Galapagos Islands)
4. Open up to spiritual paths (Guatemala)
5. Free your inner artistic soul (Mexico)
6. Celebrate your feelings (Thailand)
7. Build homes and villages (Philippines)
8. Challenge your beliefs (Iran)
9. Contemplate the harmony of nature (Tanzania)
10. Overcome your own limits (Mount Kilimandjaro)
11. Pursue the quest of icons (South Africa)
12. Share the beauty of the world (Paris & New York)

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Vincent Avanzi: Globe-Trotter, Chief Poetic Officer, Inspirational Speaker and founder of La Plume Du Futur. Former Microsoft employee, globe-trotter and a life passion for poetry, he now gives conferences to companies on “corporate poetry” and performs poetic recaps in all kinds of public and B2B events. He is the author of 3 books : Sur la Route de Soi, La Poésie de la Vie, Edendorado

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